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How To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance

When shopping around for insurance be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck! Be sure to keep these tips / tricks in mind when obtaining different quotes:

  1. Advanced Shopper Discount – some insurance companies reward you for shopping your insurance prior to the effective date of the policy. Use five to seven days in advance as a rule of thumb however some companies will go as early as two days prior to the policy effective date.

  2. Package (Companion) Policy Discount – when shopping for auto insurance be sure to check out the rates on your home, condo, townhouse or apartment. Even if you live with someone else you should obtain a quote for renters insurance as the cost for that policy may reduce your auto insurance by even a higher amount (basically you get a “free” renters policy AND potentially save more money on your auto policy)!

  3. eDocuments – everything nowadays is electronic, so should your insurance documents and bills. Insurance companies typically reward you by having all of your policy documents sent to you electronically via E-mail.

  4. Good Student / Away At School / Driver Training Course – with youthful operators on your policy, see if there are any savings for their good grades, being away at school or if they took a driving training course. Youthful operators are more expensive to insurance as they are more likely to get into an auto accident than a more seasoned driver.

  5. Group Affinity Discount – are you an AAA, AARP, Sam’s Club, College Alum etc? Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask if your insurance company offers any “affinity” group discounts.

  6. Driver Performance / Tracking Device – most insurance companies have an option for you to install a device into your vehicle for a set period of time to track your driving habits. They typically monitor your mileage, excessive braking / acceleration, time of day and trip distance. You typically receive a savings just for signing up and then there is a potential for additional savings after you complete the tracking device program (typically 6 months).

Curious what savings you might be missing out on? Give us a call today at (203) 237-7923 and we will make sure your hard earned money is staying in your pocket, not the insurance company’s!

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